Richie Allen has been producing and presenting television and radio programs for the best part of sixteen years. Richie currently produces a show called The Richie Allen Show - which airs Monday - Thursday at 8PM GMT.

The show features up to the minute news analysis by researchers, journalists and academics who are ignored by the corporate controlled media, as well as featuring activists from all around the world who are making a difference in their communities every day. People are tired of hearing about the problems, they want to hear of positive solutions.

That is why the show, while challenging the mainstream medias version of events, focuses heavily on the men and women who are trying to cause a seismic shift in the current paradigm. The Skype line to the show is open for listeners to call in and have their say. There is no censorship.

The original YouTube channel for The Richie Allen Show was removed in early 2018. This page contains the links from the latest channel only. To listen to Richie’s back catalogue of interviews and podcasts visit his website.

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