Max Igan (real name unknown) is a musician, artist, researcher, radio host and film maker. Originally from Australia, and when not travelling the world as a guest speaker and presenter, he now spends a lot of his time in Asia.

He has become a ‘cult-hero’ within the truth movement and alternative media arena through his outspoken, but extremely well-articulated, views on the political system, banking & finance, Israel & the Middle East, conspiracies & false flag events, and media deception & manipulation.

He is also a proponent of the global ‘Awakening’ as one of the initiators of the movement. His views on spirituality and the development of the human consciousness have helped thousands of people ‘wake up’ to their true potential.

You can follow Max through his website ‘The Crowhouse’ and through social media, and he can be heard both as a host of his own, and a guest on other, internet channels.


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