Tony Sayers is one of those unique individuals that has generated a following through his personal determination to create a better world.

As an integral part of the 'truth movement' Tony has attracted many followers through the content on his social channels that, not only exposes and challenges the systemic corruption and lies that run through the corridors of power in the Western world, but provides real information about genuine alternatives.

Through Facebook groups, organizing demonstrations, leaflet drops, radio shows, vlogs, public speaking and, more recently, interviews with other activists and free-thinkers through his podcast series 'Transcending Times' he is helping to plant seeds for positive change in the minds of the general public.

As a result of many years of research he has come to understand the Universal truth of Karmic Law - the basis for true advancement of the human species.

At times his personal views can be challenging but this is purposefully done to encourage discussion and promote a different side of the coin to that promoted by the mainstream media, entertainment industry or government.

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