Tony Wright is an author and consciousness researcher from Penzance, Cornwall. He claims to hold the world record for sleep deprivation.

Wright claimed that his deliberate insomnia was made possible in part by his biochemically complex diet of raw foods (carrot juice, bananas, avocados, pineapple and nuts). He also asserted that his motivation for breaking the world sleep deprivation record was neither fame nor fortune, but that his intention was to promote his radical theories of human neurological degeneration that were proposed in his self-published book, Left In The Dark.

Taylor cites Wright's theory that sleep deprivation decreases the dominance of the left brain and allows more right brain creativity. This is in line with other researchers who have found that sleep deprivation produces hallucinations and states of altered consciousness.

Wright's work investigates the evolution of the human brain and looks at the symbiotic relationship between humans and the plant kingdom.

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