James Evans Bomar III (also known as Sevan), was born on October 22, 1978 in Detroit Michigan. James is the Author of the highly popular, self-published book entitled "The Code to the Matrix" and is also the Developer of The Planetary Resistance and The Wholeness Foundation. He is wholly committed to the universal transformation of Humanity and spiritual activation for all organic Beings.

James now works in the field of Universal Energy and studies its relationship to Kundalini or what he calls The Universal Mother which James says is conscious and responds according to the individual not any said dogma.

He encourages all to reconnect their roots and "power up" using the awesome force coursing through this Planet and he gives instructions on how to do so. He finally remarks that this force is the only one that can render the malevolent Entities powerless and catapult humanity collectively or individually into higher levels of existence using such energy as a springboard or launch pad for consciousness.

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