Dolores Cannon's career spanned over 4 decades, during which time she worked with thousands of clients in regressive hypnotherapy sessions.

With over 17 published books on the subject, Dolores Cannon was easily considered to be one of the world's most sought after professionals in the field. Popular subject matter touched upon in her numerous books includes: past lives, extra-terrestrials, life on other planets, energy healing, famous historic figures such as Nostradamus and Jesus, abductions, and more. According to Dolores, each book has the tendency to "bend the reader's mind like a pretzel".

During her regressive hypnotherapy sessions, Dolores used to hypnotize her clients, bringing them into the 'super-conscious' brainwave state, one of the deepest trances one can experience.

Dolores sadly died in October 2014 and is now, no doubt, exploring the world in her next life.

A great mind with a unique story to tell. 

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