In 1966, Lipton received a B.A. in biology from C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University and a PhD in developmental biology from the University of Virginia in 1971. In 1973, he taught anatomy as an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin School Of Medicine, before coming to American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine, where he was professor of anatomy for three years. Lipton has said that sometime in the 1980s he abandoned his lifelong atheism and came to believe that the way cells functioned demonstrated the existence of God.

Lipton has appeared as a guest on several radio shows, as well as The Elaine Smitha Show and The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and was featured in the 2009 documentary Kymatica, discussing the concepts of love and fear in their relation to the body. He was the recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award, "in recognition of his pioneering work in the field of New Biology". He has been a speaker at the Institute of Noetic Sciences' 13th international conference, the Spiritual Science Fellowship International Conference, and various other conventions.

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